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MAT100 - Pre Algebra Intensive Review

"I never teach my pupils. I only attempt to provide the conditions in which they can learn" - Albert Einstein

Course Description

Pre-Algebra Intensive Review is a summer semester review of topics necessary for success in Algebra 1. This course does NOT teach all of these topics it is a review and should NOT be the student's initial exposure to the majority of this material. The course is paced much too rapidly to cover all of the topics. The course assumes that the student has seen the majority of the material before and is needing a review and practice in order to gain mastery prior to advancing to Algebra. When taught, the topics are treated with much more rigor than is seen in elementary school mathematics classes. If a student requires primary exposure to these topics, it should be accomplished in MAT099: Pre-Algebra over a full school year.

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Readiness Assessment

There are two readiness assessment tests provided. If a student can complete the first test within 1 hour and score 90% or better, they probably do not need this class. If they score below 60%, they should take the second assessment test. The second test is much more detailed and diagnostic, it has six topical sections with approximately a hundred questions per section. The extended test includes worked examples with each problem type. This is designed to ferret out rusty skills vs missed material. Administer this test over a period of 3 or more days. Set aside one hour per topic and try to do no more than two topics per day. If the student can complete each section with a score above 70% this course is appropriate. If they score well (80% or greater) in 3 or more sections and poorly (<70%) in the remaining sections, this course is probably appropriate. If the student scores below 70% in more than three topic sections the year long MAT099 PreAlgebra class is probably more appropriate.
  • PreAlgebra Readiness Test, 51 questions, 50 minutes (do this one first)  - Click Here
  • Extended PreAlgebra Readiness Test, 538 questions, 6 sessions, 1 hr each (do this one if necessary) - Click Here
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Materials List

  • Primary Text: Prealgebra, download HERE
  • Primary Text: Prealgebra Student Answer Guide, download HERE
  • Supplemental Text: Prealgebra, 5th Edition, download HERE
  • GeoGebra Graphing Calculator
    • Windows Download HERE
    • Mac Download HERE
    • Linux Download HERE
    • Chrome App Install HERE
  • Graph Paper
  • Pencils
  • Optional (Very Helpful for Exploration Activities) Laptop
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Before the First Class

Download your three text books. Read Chapter 1 of the Supplemental Text and take the chapter 1 test. The answers are in the book. Don't change your answers, if you get one wrong mark it as such so we can review in class.
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Course Dates / Times

The course meets twice a week, two hours per class, over 8 weeks. 16 classes, 32 hours of instruction. Click on the specific semester link above to current offerings.
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Course Technology

  • Course materials, homework, and assignments are maintained on Piazza. Students will receive a link to the class page upon registration.
  • Classes will be streamed using google hangouts
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Course Format

  • Homework - there are 31 homework assignments which account for 60% of the course grade. Zero points for late homework, they are due at the beginning of each class period
  • In class activities - 40% of grade
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Topics and Sequence Covered

  • Number Theory: Number Sets (counting, integer, real, etc.)
  • Integers, Exponents, and Order of Operations
  • Fractions and Decimals
  • Algebraic expressions and solving equations
  • Inequalities, Ratios, and Percents
  • Measurement
  • Graphs, Linear Equations, and Slope
  • Area, Perimeter, and the Pythagorean Theorem
  • Volume / Surface Area, Exponents, and Scientific Notation
  • Polynomials and Probability
  • Applications of Probability
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  • Course is $640 per enrolled student
  • No material costs
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